Classes at Pottery Northwest offer an opportunity to work with excellent instructors and facilities. Perhaps just as important is the extensive studio time available to someone enrolled in our classes. We like to see our students in the studio, and it is honestly the best way to make progress. Our curriculum continues to evolve, and each session brings new choices as well as a core group of classes to meet the needs of students at every level.

Next Class Session:

August 25 – 29  - Last week of Summer Session

August 25 – Early Registration for Fall Classes for Clay Club Members

September 1 – Registration for Fall Classes

September 29 – Beginning of Fall Session

Class Full? Waitlist!

Contact us at to be added to the wait list for a class that is full or to discuss other options.

Class Fees

Payment in full by check, cash, credit card, or PayPal is due with registration.

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is less than two weeks prior to first class, $50 will be withheld from refunds. After the first class, no fees are refundable. Fees paid for the current session cannot be transferred as payment for the next class session. We reserve the right to cancel classes if the minimum enrollment is not reached; full tuition will be refunded.

What to Bring to First Class

Bring a towel, and wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty.  We’ll have tools you can borrow and introductory tool kits for you to purchase.

Student Responsibilities

As Pottery Northwest attempts to create a professional learning situation, class members are expected to participate in the loading, unloading, and firing of class kilns under the guidance of class instructors, and in studio maintenance and clean up. 

Clean up includes:

  • Cleaning and returning all equipment and tools to their home
  • Wiping down your entire work area (wheel and/or table)
  • Ensuring that all surfaces, especially the wedging tables, are free of clay.
  • Making sure the floor is clean.

No Clay down the sinks.

Our drains and pipes are old, sensitive, and prone to clogging.  When cleaning up at the end of class or open studio, put all clay trimmings in the trash cans and all clay sludge in the appropriate sludge buckets located next to the clay sinks.

No Sanding is allowed in the studio.

Open Studio / Practice Times

One of the best features of classes at Pottery Northwest is the extensive practice time available to students. If there is not another class or workshop in session, with very few exceptions, you are welcome to work in the studio from 10 am until 10 pm. We look forward to seeing you get dirty here!

Clay and Glazes

At the beginning of each quarter, students receive a 25# bag of clay.   Additional clay may be purchased at $15 per bag.  Surcharges may apply for specialized clay bodies identified in class descriptions.

Recycling used clay is encouraged.  You can avoid the additional clay charge, simply by recycling your own clay or clay from the sludge buckets.

Production Policy

In keeping with our educational focus, student use of studio facilities to produce goods for commercial sale is not acceptable. We are not a production studio.  Students making a large amount of work which exceeds classroom capacity may be asked to either pay extra for the firing or be requested to reduce their volume of work.

Studio Photography Policy

Please be aware your photo may be taken while you participate in activities at Pottery Northwest. Your participation in activities at Pottery Northwest serves as your permission for complimentary use of your image for promotional purposes.

Studio Health & Safety

Pottery-making can be a potentially hazardous activity. It is the responsibility of every student to exercise caution at all times within the Pottery.

Basic first aid kits are available for minor injuries in the supply closet between the studio phone and the ladies restroom.

Firings & Liability

Although instructors are urged to orient all students to safety, storage, disposal, and technical issues, mistakes can and do happen.  Pottery Northwest cannot guarantee the success or results of work produced in the classroom or from a firing.  Pottery Northwest is not liable for unsuccessful work, work that is broken, missing, or disposed of after posted purge dates

Work Study

We routinely offer a work-study position to interested students. We give preferrence to those who have taken at least one class at PNW and have a schedule that meshes with ours. We also make sure that it is a chance to get behind the scenes of kiln loading and firing, the mechanics of glazes and even some insight into the larger field of ceramics and its processes. You work in exchange for a class and materials and you also get some personalized instruction in the exchange. If you are a serous student of ceramics this is an opportunity to expand your knowledge base beyond the class curriculum. It is a serious time committment with real rewards. Contact the office via e-mail to set up an interview

Kids Classes

Do you offer any kids classes?

Our claymobile is available to bring a portable clay studio to you, your child’s school, or other special occasions.  Just call us at 206-285-4421 or email at

Please click on the button below to be informed about any kid-oriented activities.